[Webinar] Updates About OSHA’s E-Recordkeeping and Significant Injury Reporting Rules

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019 at 1 PM Eastern, join Eric J. Conn, Lindsay DiSalvo, and Dan Deacon, from Conn Maciel Carey LLP’s national OSHA Practice, for a complimentary webinar: “Updates About OSHA’s E-Recordkeeping and Significant Injury Reporting Rules.

OSHA’s controversial E-Recordkeeping Rule has been challenged and criticized by stakeholders since its inception, and finally, last week, the Trump Administration unveiled its Final Amended Rule. However, the Amended Rule did not go nearly as far as many expected or hoped. Indeed, the Amended Rule eliminated only the requirement for large establishments to submit 300/301 data, but did nothing to alleviate the data submission burden on smaller employers, and did not address the controversial anti-retaliation provisions (e.g., limits to post-injury drug testing and safety incentive programs) at all.

Not to be confused with E-Recordkeeping, OSHA’s Significant Injury and Fatality Reporting Rule has created significant new interactions between employers and OSHA since its update in 2015.  Many employers still wrestle with the nuances of when and how to report significant injuries involving hospitalizations, amputations, and fatalities to OSHA.  In particular, employers are struggling to determine what constitutes a reportable hospitalization and amputation.

During this webinar, participants will learn:

  • Data submission and anti-retaliation elements of the Final Amended E-Recordkeeping Rule
  • OSHA enforcement of the E-Recordkeeping and Anti-Retaliation Rule
  • State Plan implementation of E-Recordkeeping requirements
  • When and how to report significant injuries and fatalities
  • Nuances of determining whether a trip to the hospital is reportable

Click here to register for this webinar.

The February 12th webinar will be the 2nd webinar event in Conn Maciel Carey’s 2019 OSHA Webinar Series.  Click here to view our full schedule, detailed program descriptions, and individual registration pages for the remaining webinars in the 2019 OSHA Webinar Series.  To register for the entire 2019 series, click here to send an email request, and we will get you automatically registered.

If you missed any of our past webinars in our annual OSHA Webinar Series, here is a link Conn Maciel Carey’s webinar archive.

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