[Webinar] Technology Solutions for Complying with COVID-19 Requirements

On Tuesday, September 8th at 1 PM ET, join Eric J. Conn (Chair of Conn Maciel Carey’s national OSHA Practice) and Nick Eurek (President and Co-Founder of Maptician) for a complimentary webinar regarding “Technology Solutions for Complying with COVID-19 Requirements.” 

In July, Virginia became the first state in the nation to promulgate a mandatory rule with a set of requirements designed to protect workers from COVID-19 infections in the workplace.  For example, Virginia employers must:

  • Assess and categorize potential exposures to COVID-19 in the workplace
  • Implement a written infection control and response plan
  • Promptly notify potentially exposed co-workers, VOSH/OSHA, and/or the Department of Health about infected workers

But Virginia’s rule really just memorializes the widespread, already enforceable guidance from federal OSHA, the CDC, state and local departments of health, and governors’ offices all across the country, so the policies and controls that must be implemented in Virginia are by and large needed everywhere.

The core element of employers’ necessary infection control strategies are the engineering, administrative, and safe work practice controls to:

  • enhance physical distancing (e.g., reconfigure work stations, track where/when employees move throughout the workplace, and implement thoughtful scheduling strategies like cohorting, staggering start/end/break times, etc.);
  • schedule and track frequent cleaning/disinfecting common areas and shared equipment;
  • require face coverings where social distancing cannot be maintained; and
  • conduct pre-work health screenings and prompt contact tracing to facilitate notifications to potentially exposed employees

As is America’s way, innovators are developing technology solutions to aid in implementing these infection control strategies. A special guest from the technology solutions provider Maptician will review some software tools they have developed to assist employers in meeting these new regulatory requirements.

Participants in this webinar will learn:

  • Background about VOSH’s COVID-19 Standard and related OSHA and CDC guidance
  • What to include in an effective Infection Control Plan
  • Technology solutions to aid in the key infection control strategies

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