[Webinar Recording] Conversation with the Director of NIOSH about COVID-19 in the Workplace

On December 21, 2020, Kate McMahon, from Conn Maciel Carey’s national OSHA Practice sat down for a one-on-one interview with special guest Dr. John Howard, the Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), regarding COVID-19 in the workplace.

Cases continue to spike throughout the United States, while employers try to keep pace with ever-shifting guidance from the CDC, OSHA, and state and county health departments, and face several new COVID-19 emergency regulations around the country. NIOSH works closely with the CDC to develop its COVID-19 guidance and to help educate Industry on effective infection control and response strategies. NIOSH also provides support to the White House Coronavirus Taskforce and assists states and local health departments develop effect strategies and policy to address COVID-19 in the workplace.

Through this Q&A session, Dr. John Howard, the Director of NIOSH for 17 years and counting, provided detailed insight and advice on the workplace safety and health implications of COVID-19 and what employers can expect next and how they can protect their workers from this pandemic. Participants in this webinar learned:

  • CDC developments and guidance about COVID-19
  • Expectations about OSHA and COVID-19 enforcement policy under a Biden Administration
  • The latest updates on the COVID-19 vaccine and more!

We are pleased to share a link to a recording of the webinar.

This bonus program was the 19th and final webinar event in Conn Maciel Carey’s 2020 OSHA Webinar Series.  Click here to view our full schedule, detailed program descriptions for all of the webinars in the 2020 OSHA Webinar Series.  Stay tuned for info about the 2021 series! If you missed any of our past webinars in our annual OSHA Webinar Series, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and view our webinar archive.

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For additional resources on issues related to COVID-19, please visit Conn Maciel Carey’s COVID-19 Resource PageCOVID-19 Task Force Page for an extensive index of frequently asked questions with our answers about HR, employment law, and OSHA regulatory developments and guidance, as well as COVID-19 recordkeeping and reporting flow charts. Likewise, subscribe to our Employer Defense Report blog and OSHA Defense Report blog for regular updates about the Labor and Employment Law or OSHA implications of COVID-19 in the workplace.  Conn Maciel Carey’s COVID-19 Task Force is monitoring federal, state, and local developments closely and is continuously updating these blogs and the FAQ page with the latest news and resources for employers.

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