Mid-Year Review of OSHA Developments [Webinar Recording]

On July 22, 2021, the Partners from Conn Maciel Carey’s OSHA Practice presented a webinar regarding the “2021 Mid-Year Review of Key OSHA Developments.

Having shared a series of predictions during our January webinar regarding how OSHA would tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and reshape its priorities under new leadership during the first year of the Biden Administration, we have now taken stock of what has happened at DOL and OSHA during the first months of the Biden Administration, discussed surprise developments, and looked ahead at the remainder of 2021 and beyond. We took a close look at senior leadership now in place or on the way and analyzed what those appointments likely mean for employers. We also reviewed OSHA’s efforts to address the COVID-19 pandemic, including the new healthcare-focused emergency temporary standard and updated guidance for everyone else. In addition, we examined President Biden’s efforts to make good on his promises to increase OSHA’s budget, grow the number of inspectors and generally ramp up enforcement. Lastly, we reviewed key developments in OSHA’s rulemaking agenda.

Participants in this webinar learned the following:

  • Status of Presidential Appointees and other key organizational changes at OSHA
  • How the Pres. Biden’s OSHA has responded to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • OSHA’s Regulatory Agenda, including rulemaking and policy setting priorities around COVID-19 and other hazards
  • New or renewed enforcement initiatives and emphasis programs

We are pleased to share this link to a copy of the slides. If you missed the live webinar, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and access the recording of this webinar.

This was the 10th webinar event in Conn Maciel Carey’s 2021 OSHA Webinar Series.  Click here to view our full schedule, detailed program descriptions for all of the webinars in the 2021 OSHA Webinar Series.  If you missed any of our past webinars in our annual OSHA Webinar Series, click here to subscribe to our YouTube channel and view our webinar archive.

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